访问ing a college like Davenport is one of the best ways to see if it’s for you. Grab your college visit checklist and let’s get started. 

Whether you’re coming to us from high school or as a transfer, 成人或研究生, Davenport wants to make sure you can arrange a campus visit your way. 认识600cc全讯白菜网的美丽 大急流城校区 better through a photo tour of its spaces — or come see us in person. If you’re seeking an undergraduate degree, attend one of our undergraduate admissions events or have a virtual chat with a Davenport admissions advisor.

Explore this page for details on Davenport campus tours, then get ready for your virtual or in-person campus visit. Wondering what questions to ask when visiting a college? 600cc全讯白菜网可以帮忙. Reach out to our undergraduate admissions team, as well as our graduate admissions team, at info@julescrafter.com or 616.698.7111.

Explore this page for details on Davenport's events or make a selection below and jump in. 

So much to love on a Davenport University campus

Being on a Davenport University campus is engaging, exciting and empowering — three words that should be on any college visit checklist. Take a look at this short video and imagine yourself on the W.A. Lettinga校园. 


“我能适应这里吗??” is one of the important questions to ask when visiting a college. 在600cc全讯白菜网, 你会找到一个活跃的, involved campus where it’s easy to find students who like the things you do. Schedule one of our campus tours to see for yourself.


Add an exciting event to your Davenport campus visit

访问 us during a Davenport annual event and you could stay overnight at one of our beautiful residence halls, 体验惊险刺激的黑豹游戏, sit in on a class and enjoy a free lunch in one of our excellent dining halls. Bring your list of questions to ask when visiting a college and get answers on earning college credit in high school, 招生过程, 经济援助和600cc全讯白菜网.


校园之旅 & 演讲

在这个W上.A. 校园之旅, 由600cc全讯白菜网学生大使领导, you’ll see our facilities firsthand so you can picture yourself in our stunning residence halls, attending classes in our academic buildings, enjoying a meal in our dining halls and cheering on the Panthers at our athletic complex. 之后, you can chat with a Davenport undergraduate admissions, 或者研究生入学, 代表.

* Scheduling in advance is recommended but not required.


Make your campus visit personal and convenient

Davenport offers flexibility in your campus visit. You can schedule a campus tour in advance or drop by our undergraduate admissions office for a personal campus tour on the spot. Request a visit with an admissions 代表 at any Davenport location or make it a virtual meet-up. 只要对你最合适. Our team will make sure to cover everything on your college visit checklist.

安排一个 campus visit on any of Davenport’s 7 campus locations
Attend one of 20+ classes on your campus tour or during an event
安排一个 30-minute virtual visit with undergraduate admissions and graduate admissions teams



A campus visit that emphasizes strong academics

参观大学时, the quality of its academic facilities and faculty is vital to your student success. It’s why Davenport campus tours include the chance to attend a class in your area of interest.

Learn more about your specific academic program




Begin your campus tour at one of Davenport’s on-campus housing options, all of which offer furnished private bedrooms and unlimited access to social lounges, 健身房, 游戏室等.

Learn more about Davenport housing and residence life 




Opportunities to get involved as a Davenport student are practically endless. 600cc全讯白菜网一年一度的校园参观活动, 比如目的地DU, will give you a taste of our student life with fun campus activities.

Learn more about Davenport’s student life




Davenport is known for virtual learning — and for virtual support. 设立虚拟学术咨询, 辅导, admissions and financial aid appointments, 还有技术支持等等.